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While using touch as a drawing gesture, this interactive installation superimposes videos as time-based ink to submerge viewers into an immersive experience. ‘Breathe’ combines videos of metaphorized sea elements and gives them life with an actual heartbeat. Each touch induces an unrepeatable audio-visual memory while accentuating the essential action of taking a breath before diving into the sea. There are five videos that were used as layered time-ink, and they can create infinite visual variations during the performance. Sounds reflect the elements of the waves, wind, water and contribute to the perceptual grounding of the abstraction of the images.

A film strip made from algae is located in the middle of the physical installation and it contains my memories of the sea which are activated through touch and released into the projection space. While illuminated with different patterns and colours, the film strip changes appearance and reveals its deeper state of existence, one that could be related to human unconscious mind. The experience reminds us how important is to breathe, especially in the dangerous post-world climate we are currently living in.

Each video is related to my ancestral island of Pag and is made from organic materials that can be found on my ancestral island. Most of them are made from algae and salt film stock, and one depicts waving of a traditional lace specific only to the island. The frame of the artwork is made from pulverized seashells that I personally dove out of the sea.


Public performance that transforms architecture, light and people into dynamic pieces of abstract art.


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