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The extinction will not be televised, it will not be broadcasted live, tweeted or advertised on Instagram. The extinction will be deadly, painful and will ultimately end human race. Global warming and melting of the polar ice is just one of the many tangible warnings that humanity is disregarding until it will be too late.

This art installation is creating a micro eco system. The sphere representing our planet is made of ice set in a small room. Temperatures of the spectators’ bodies are contributing to the faster melting of the ice sphere, revealing global warming in front of their eyes. Audience is encouraged to touch the installation and melt it with their hands, just as humans are melting the planet.

The ice sphere is hollow and a video projection is made inside of that space. The projection consists of footage of Amazon forest burning and sounds of famous Greta Thurnberg’s UN speech on extinction and global warming. The water melted from the sphere is accumulating in the plastic ring in between the projector and it distorts the projection and contributes to the eerie feeling of the installation.

The project is made from recycled materials found at OCADU campus, wood stand from the wood workshop, plastics from the third floor plastics, and glass from a scanner found in the second floor trash. Projector is hidden inside of the wooden stand, with a battery, so there is no need to use any cables or powering – this gives the audience a sense of magic since there is no visible technology seen in the installation. Also, the installation has been transported to expo site by bike, and no fossil fuels were spent in the transport.


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