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Liquid Realities is a performative intervention in the exterior urban space of a city. Its goal is to dynamically destratify the architecture of the city’s flux and smoothen the structured plateaus of its existence. It intends to transform the urban space into randomly generated art created in situ, but also to repercept the sense of chronological time. While wearing a triangular based mirrored contraption on his head, the artist uses light as the primary source of the transformation of the urban space into abstract art. The contraption displays mirrored levels of distorted reality that appear to be liquefied. It also turns chronos into kairos when light, architecture and people accidentally intersect within the artist’s intervention in the public space. The performance redefines urban space as the space of the art, and it gives back to the location by providing it with a mobile art gallery. The art created by the intervention and displayed within the contraption is never the same, and follows Heraclitus’ epigram of flux in which he states “Upon those who step into the same rivers, different and ever different waters flow down.”

The audience participates with the performance passively, just by reflecting their visage within the contraption. Since the reflection is distorted, no faces can be recognized which takes into account privacy and the ethics of the performance. The artist also invites the audience to participate with a gesture of a simple handshake. This invitation is done without any explanation in verbal language, and it is up to the spectators to decide how will they interact with the performance, which contributes to the randomness of its flow.

Liquid Realities are a portal that intervenes with the public space while taking a performative walk. The walk takes place in a narrow public space such as sidewalk of a busy street, where architecture of the space naturally directs the potential audience into participation with the performance. The performance takes into account the architecture of the urban space, which is imperative for a successful intervention. Furthermore, the tall slim design of the contraption is intentional so it fits more naturally into the flux of a busy street, and doesn’t represent an obstacle for people passing by.


Public performance that transforms architecture, light and people into dynamic pieces of abstract art.


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