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I’ve built and interactive interface that responds to touch. The interface is Arduino based and transmits touch information via Xbee to a computer which generates images and sounds through a special video layering system that enables around a billion possible outcomes of the projected video. Neural networks control a portion of sound generation, but the audience is in control of the immersive video that creates the experience surrounding them.

The project visualizes human emotions hidden in the memories of the past in a form of an immersive dome video. Memories are perceived as abstract landscapes and emotions as characters speaking the language of sound, music and colours. The project tends to create a collective ‘memory of now’, resulting from the interaction of the audience with with the interactive interface that controls the immersive dome video. The interface is a separate work of art and represents an abstract snapshot of director’s memory, and it allows spectators to contribute to a collective work of audiovisual art – the Memory of Now.


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