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Twitter drawing machine uses random tweets and their properties to randomly draw shapes of different colour and size, and display them on a digital canvas. Fifteen tweets are pulled from Tweeter based on a keyword typed in the drawing machine. From those fifteen tweets one random tweet is chosen and two keywords
are extracted from its text to serve as new keyword to get fifteen more tweets from the Twitter stream. This is done to avoid Twitter’s restriction of being able to get only fifteen tweets per minute from the stream, and in this way fresh tweets are served continuously.

Colour and size of the shapes is determined by the length of the tweets’ text. From fifteen tweets in a cycle, three are randomly chosen and their length is used to form a random colour in a RGB color system – RGB(tweet1_length, tweet2_length, tweet3_length). The size of a shape is relative to a length of a tweet. Tweets used for drawing are also displayed on the screen, their size and colour are determined the same way the size of the shapes is determined. The machine also composes very rudimental experimental music.

There are four basic shapes drawing machine can use for drawing – circle, triangle, rectangle and line. Those shapes can be changed by tweeting desired shape on my Twitter profile by using the keyword #OCADUprojecttesting and the name of the shape in capital letters. The shapes change in real-time with a 5 second lag due to Twitter stream restrictions.

In order to develop the machine I had to register an app with Twitter and develop the code in MAXMPS and Processing. The code also uses open source java script libraries and protocols for connecting Twitter and the drawing machine.


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